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Services We Provide

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Microscope in Laboratory

Digital Imaging

Radiography and Ultrasound

Instant images for diagnosis and monitoring of bone, joint, and soft tissue injuries.

Laboratory testing

In house

Complete blood counts, biochemistry, and fibrinogen as well as fecal analysis are completed in house.  Additional tests available from appropriate external facilities.

Horse Stall

Field surgery

Routine procedures and injury repair

Castrations and lump/mass removals are all available on farm as well as most injury repairs.

Preventative/wellness care

Vaccinations and much more.

Vaccines, coggins testing, physical/wellness exams, microchipping, nutritional analysis, and soundness exams to name just a few options for preventative care.


Sports medicine

Diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation

Soundness and lameness examinations. Utilizing digital imaging where necessary to diagnose issues.  Treatments include access to regenerative medicine such as IRAP, stem cells and PRP as well as rehabilitation aids including shockwave therapy.


Upper Airway & Gastroscopy

Gastroscopy is used for investigations into oesophageal and gastric complaints including EGUS.  Respiratory endoscopy allows for examination of the upper airway including sinus opening, guttural pouches, trachea and larynx.  All endoscopy can be performed on farm.


Pre-purchase exam

Basic to comprehensive

Tailored to your needs, incorporating thorough physical examination with addition of radiographs and blood work if required.


With a Power Float

Oral exams with teeth floating as indicated using a power rotary float as well as hand floats. We  perform simple extractions and offer dental exams for farms animals too.

Emergency Vehicles

Farm animal services

Preventative and Emergency Care

Herd health planning, production optimization, routine vaccinations and disease testing.

Emergency services

Available 24/7

Our vets are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for existing clients emergencies.  Non-client emergencies can be attended to with additional charges.  We do not use an answering service, your call will be forwarded directly to the on call vet.  973 335 1236.

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